About Our Facility

Farmer's Market

We have plenty of vegetables that are freshly harvested right from our own farm as well as from farms of nearby farmers. A wide variety of originally made packed lunches and delicatessen are also available. We also have "Mori no Kumasan," award-winning rice from Kumamoto Prefecture that has won a "Special A" rank for three consecutive years and was first in the 2011 rankings for rice taste.

Farm Restaurant

You can enjoy all your favorite Japanese and Western creative cuisines at our buffet-style restaurant that uses fresh vegetables. Enjoy delicious dishes at a relaxing and comfortable space.

Pockle Bakery

We have a wide variety of unique bun meals and sweetened buns, including sandwiches made from freshly baked bread and fresh ingredients. You can enjoy right away at the eat-in space of the store or buy them at the take-out counter to enjoy later at home.

Seafood Restaurant

At the specialty store of fish dishes, you can enjoy the menu of the day prepared by using fish that are freshly caught on the same day and directly delivered from the local ports of Kadogawa, Hososhima, and Nobeoka in Miyazaki. The freshly caught fish are delivered every day from Marukei, one of the famous local fresh fish specialists.