Here at Pockle Farm, we prepare dishes with ingredients that are so fresh and truly delicious. Why? Because not only do we use ingredients that are already delicious, but we also use a magical cooking technique called the "50°C Wash," which brings out the best in each and every ingredient.

It is a method of cooking that removes dirt, oxidized portions, harshness, and smell of ingredients and brings out their real taste. It also brings back the freshness of ingredients and increases their taste and mouthfeel. It's like magic!

Born in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. Previously worked as a head of Food and Regional Environment Laboratory in Social System Intelligence Laboratory of Waseda University and now as a representative of the Steam Cooking Technique Workshop. He is a steam specialist who discovered the "50°C Wash."

"Pockle Pork" is a healthy and juicy meat of a Berkshire pig that is carefully raised with a mineral-rich feed called "seawater potato." Come and enjoy the perfect combination of tender, juicy meats—steaks, minced meat cutlets, and handmade sausages—and fresh vegetables, the taste of which is maximized by our magical cooking technique, the "50°C Wash."

"Pockle Pork" is made from Berkshire pigs fed with bread and "seawater potato" by a company named Yonehira Shutonjo in Kirishima City.